Inspired by
our love of the sun,
sea, and summer.

We found our home designing for startups, nonprofits, and the socially conscious.


Founded in 2012 in a small cottage in Santa Barbara, Wood + Sea Co. is a small creative studio now located in Denver, Colorado. Our hearts and passions have always been in the nonprofit world - from taking photographs for print collateral in refugee camps in Afghanistan to developing handcrafted identities to stop human trafficking in Nepal. 

We are made up of a husband and wife duo (and pup). Inspired by our love of the sun, sea, and summer.

Portraits by the lovely



Branding & Identity / UI Design / UX Design /  Infographics / Iconography / Print & Packaging

We promise to be in cahoots every step of the way.




Now that you know a little bit about us, it's time to hear from you in a quick phone call. Be prepared to talk about what you do and what you'd like to accomplish. 


Statement of work.

We'll set up a brief estimate with a breakdown of services, pricing, and estimated timelines.  


We're In!

We'll kick off your project with a brief client discovery survey about design preferences. We'll talk everything from buzzwords to colors.


Smooth sailing.

After we’ve discussed the results, we’ll jump into the design phase.


Revisions & final tweaks.

With three rounds of revisions and a truly collaborative process, we make sure your project hits the mark.


Anchors aweigh!

Sites are launched – identities are revealed. Now we celebrate!

Make the first move.

Interested in collaborating on your next project? Let's chat!

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